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Understanding your private neurology consultation

Neurologists, or consultant neurologists, are specialists in diagnosing and treating diseases that affect the nervous system, such as the brain, spinal cord, and muscles. This expertise includes dealing with neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. If you experience symptoms such as headaches, migraines, blackouts, seizures, dizzy spells, tingling, or weakness or other conditions that indicate a troubled nervous system, booking an appointment with a private neurologist is reccommended.

The emergence of such symptoms can cause distress and usually calls for an initial consultation which involves comprehensive neurological assessment. Your private neurology consultation will focus on understanding your medical history in-depth and providing a detailed evaluation of your current symptoms.

Diagnostic tests on your first visit

In your initial consultation, your neurologist would consider your medical history and conduct an examination of your symptoms before recommending necessary diagnostic tests. These tests could include blood tests or an MRI scan of your brain, spinal cord, or muscles. In addition, electrical recordings of your brain waves (EEG) or electrical recordings of nerves and muscles (EMG) might be necessary to help reach a diagnosis.

There could be times when additional tests in hospitals are needed, such as a lumbar puncture or a nerve biopsy. All these give a detailed insight into your nervous system, a critical step to diagnosing your condition accurately.

Making an appointment for a private neurology consultation

Scheduling a consultation with your private neurologist as early as possible ensures prompt access to necessary diagnostic tests and treatment options. Private medical insurance can accelerate this process and provide access to personalised treatment options designed specifically by a consultant neurologist for your condition. A tailored treatment plan will be made keeping in mind your unique needs, which aids in effectively managing your neurological condition.

Get in touch today to schedule your private neurologist consultation and get the care you need to treat your symptoms.

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